Viewing the Services:


I have discovered yet another way to view if you don't want to see them on a phone or tablet.

This only applies to those of you that have Amazon Fire Smart TVs and TVs with HDMI input capabilities.

For Fire TV you can either download Firefox Browser from the Amazon App store or simply use the Amazon Silk Browser that is included.

Search for Facebook and Sign in to your Facebook account, Follow First Baptist Church Palacios, and you will see the videos.

For those that have HDMI outputs on your TVs you can purchase what is called a Dongle and an HDMI Cord to connect your phone or tablet and then project the video to the TV set. they are relatively cheap and they enable you to watch any movie or video to your TV Screen.

Dongles are available for both Apple and Android phones and Tablets. I have included photos of the Dongle and HDMI cord for reference.


~~ Tommy Reynolds


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